GTB is one of the first Maryland-based telephone providers. 

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Established in 1992 as an agent for telecommunication services, the company began by helping Maryland businesses reduce their long distance call expense.   In 1996, GTB became a licensed Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC) and changed the scope of its operations to include the reselling of discounted phone service products from local legacy phone companies. In 2003, GTB deployed a privately managed network throughout the state of Maryland. All network points were equipped with the latest communication equipment using VoIP (Voice Over IP) technology. The new technology eliminated the need for businesses to procure separate providers for their voice and data services. GTB is considered one of the pioneers in implementing the use of this technology. The main focus of GTB’s network is designed for and continues to service small to mid-size businesses.

Listen to radio show interview with CEO, Dror Mei-Tal. 

GTB’s Solutions bundle digital quality voice, hosted PBX, high speed Internet access over fiber, and cyber security. Over 25 years of experience, dedicated customer care, and tailored business solutions have earned GTB thousands of customers and many endorsements of business associations and affinities as the “provider of choice”.

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