Dror Mei-Tal
Founder and CEO

Dror Mei-Tal has grown GTB from an agency-based service to a full-service telecom company. He graduated with Honors from Towson State University with a B.S. in Marketing, and holds an M.B.A. from the University of Baltimore. Before GTB, Mr. Mei-Tal worked as a Sales Manager in the computer software and credit card industries.  Listen to radio show interview with Dror. 

Joel Drabkin

Joel Drabkin’s responsibilities at GTB vary.  He is responsible for managing GTB finances, human resources, tax and legal compliance, and providing general office management. He graduated with a B.A. from Yeshiva University of Los Angeles and with an M.B.A. from Loyola Marymount University. Prior to GTB, his positions included CFO at the Norbel School, Administrative Director at Torah Institute and Senior Marketing Analyst at Publisher’s Clearing House.

Paul Meek
Vice President of Operations

Paul Meek is responsible for company operations and provides direction to the various department managers. He graduated from Towson State University with a B.S. degree, and has been in involved in telecommunications for a total of 30 years. Prior to GTB, he was the Product Manager at Verizon for 23 years, and has spent 15 years working with CLEC’s (Competitive Local Exchange Companies).

David Butler
Sales Manager

David Butler supervises and oversees the sales organization within the company. As such, he is responsible for sales of all voice, data and internet products for the company. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.A. in Economics. Prior to GTB, Mr. Butler worked as an Account Executive for wireless companies, such as Verizon and AT&T. 

Joyce Collier
Customer Care Manager

Joyce Collier manages the Customer Service department and oversees the flow between Provisioning, Billing and the NOC (Network Operating Center). She also manages Customer Service day-to-day operations. Ms. Collier graduated from Towson State University with a B.S. in Business with a Minor in Marketing and Human Resources. Before working at GTB, she spent 10 years in various telecom roles.

Juan Faidley
Senior Voice Engineer

Juan Faidley is a 21-year veteran in the telecommunications industry.  After earning his B.S. Degree in Electrical  Engineering from The Johns Hopkins University, Mr. Faidley acquired a position at Lucent Technologies as a 1st-tier Technical Support Engineer.  After a nine-year stint with Lucent, Mr. Faidley left and became Engineering Director at Xspedius Communications (now Level 3 Communications). As Director of Engineering, he was responsible for the deployment of 27 voice networks throughout the country.  His responsibilities at GTB mimic his role at previous companies with the addition of product development and vendor contract negotiations.

Joel Njoroge
Senior Network Engineer

Joel Njoroge designs and maintains the GTB network, and is involved in new product development. He graduated with a B.S.E.E. and an M.S.E.E. from George Washington University. Prior to GTB, he worked as a Network Engineer at Xspedius Communications (now Level 3 Communications) and Verizon Communications.  Mr. Njoroge has been in telecommunications for over 15 years.