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August 21, 2017
Read article, Intel's 8th-gen Core CPUs could boost laptop performance by 40 percent by clicking here.   By Mark Hachman, Senior Editor, PCWorld.  Published August 21, 2017. Whether you decide to use Intel's 8th-gen CPU or not, GTB can you help you use your laptop, desktop or smartphone as your office phone with the ... read more
August 17, 2017
Watch video, We (CNN) watched hackers break into voting machines by clicking here.   By Lisa Fischer & Jack Regan, @CNNTech.   Interested in protecting your business against cyber attacks?  GTB can help safeguard your business with Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as well as, Internet Security Firewall and ... read more
August 14, 2017
Read article, SonicSpy malware sneaks into Google Play Store by clicking here.   By JC Torres, SLASH GEAR.  Published August 14, 2017. Worried about malware on your own computer?  GTB can help safeguard your network with Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as well as, Internet Security Firewall and Remote Data Backup.... read more
August 8, 2017
"To stop the leaks, the purported hackers demanded 'our 6 month salary in bitcoin,' which they implied is at least $6 million." Read the article, Hackers appear to post stolen 'Game of Thrones' scripts, demand millions in ransom for HBO data by clicking here.   By Associated Press.  Published on CNN August 7, 2017.... read more
August 7, 2017
Read the article, Blu Smartphones Re-Listed by Amazon After 'False Alarm' Over Spyware by clicking here.   By Gadgets 360 Staff, Gadgets 360.  Published August 7, 2017. Worried about cyber attacks on your smartphone or desktop computer?  GTB can help safeguard your business with Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as... read more
July 31, 2017
Read the article, Apple Pulls VPN Apps From China App Store As Russia Signs Law Banning Their Use by clicking here.   By Tim Hardwick, MacRumors.  Published July 31, 2017. VPN Defined A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology that allows users to extend private networks across public networks, such as the... read more
July 24, 2017
Read the article, Verizon Throttled Netflix And YouTube Due To 'Video Optimization Test,' Company Admits by clicking here.   By Carl Velasco, Tech Times.  Published July 23, 2017. Whichever carrier you decide to use on your Smartphone, GTB can you help you communicate with your customers without "throttling" your ... read more
July 17, 2017
Read the article, Amazon might launch its own WhatsApp competitor that lets you order food and split bills​ by clicking here.   By Shona Ghosh, BUSINESS INSIDER.  Published July 17, 2017. Like the prospective Amazon app, GTB's Communicator Softphone app, works across desktop and mobile, iPhone and Android, allows for... read more
July 10, 2017
Read the article, Don’t fall for Facebook hoax messages from Jayden K. Smith​ by clicking here.   By KATIE CORRADO, FOX61.  Published July 10, 2017. GTB can help safeguard your business against cyber attacks by providing Anti-Virus and Malware Protection, as well as, Internet Security Firewall and Remote Data Backup... read more
July 6, 2017
Effective August 1, 2017, prices of specific Retail Local Service components will be increasing.  These pricing changes are a result of an increase to the cost from various providers of wholesale services, as they relate to features, components and network charges, as well as, general business expenses associated with... read more


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