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By McKinley Corbley, Good News Network. Published March 17, 2020.   

While people are told to be safe with "social distancing" and staying at home, companies need even more flexibility with their communications. GTB can help with this! For over 25 years, GTB has a track record of providing a number of business phone solutions, including phone hardware and service, and softphones you can use while working from home or on the go. We also help companies with high speed internet service with internet security. Today, with cloud technology, we also offer web conferencingweb hostingemail and Office 365. Because we are headquartered in Baltimore, MD, we are able to provide local customer care to companies in Maryland, DC and Northern VA. Rather than find multiple providers for each service, we also make acquiring and managing these services easier by providing a “one- stop- shop” experience. But we don't stop there! GTB will visit your offices and provide a free, no obligation assessment of your phone and interent systems to see if we can improve the quality and/or save you money. Redeem your assessment nowLearn more about how GTB can help.

Email or call GTB at 1 (877) CALL-GTB to redeem your free assessment


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