GTB to provide fiber connections with voice and internet speeds as high as 100mps.  GTB signs a new fiber agreement with Verizon.
GTB has entered into an agreement with Verizon to offer fiber access connections throughout the State of Maryland. This new service will allow GTB customers to bundle multiple services on one fiber connection, including high speed internet access, Hosted PBX (Flex-Point) and MPLS (point to point VPN). Dror Mei-Tal, President and CEO of GTB, stated “The new agreement with Verizon allows our company to provide a wide range of new services, targeting large enterprises as well as the small- to mid- sized market. The new fiber service will offer an attractively priced bundle, including dedicated internet connections, low maintenance circuits, high quality voice and enhanced features.” GTB will provide these services to locations in Maryland where Verizon has completed the necessary fiber deployment. The first GTB customers using these services are expected to be cut over around the beginning of September, 2013.
About GTB
GTB is the oldest, full-service telecommunication provider headquartered in the State of Maryland, providing voice, data, high speed internet connections and Flex-Point Hosted PBX services. The company has successfully serviced business and residential customers in Maryland, Washington, D.C. and Northern Virginia over the past 21 years. GTB is also proud to be the preferred provider of telecom services to local business associations.


Dror Mei-Tal
President and CEO
Global Telecom Brokers (GTB) 

With ever-changing technology, it can be hard for small telecom companies to stay ahead of the game, and no one wants to deal with the customer service of a large corporation. Dror Mei-Tal, president and CEO of Global Telecom Brokers (GTB) shares his secrets to success: a strong focus on customers service and the ability to stay innovative and ahead of the competition.

Q: What was your mission statement? In other words, why did you decide to start GTB?

A: GTB started because we identified the need to help businesses reduce the high expense of their long distance calls. We have been able to add new products and services as the list of customers has been growing with changes in technology. As a facility-based telecom provider, we have the ability to directly control the product we sell and ensure high quality and excellent customer service.

Q: Why do your customers consider you the best at what you do?

A: Many other phone providers, unfortunately, focus on acquiring the customer and then do very little to make sure they are happy. GTB, on the other hand, spends a significant amount of resources to ensure customer satisfaction. Customer inquiries are answered promptly, users get unlimited support and support can be received in person, over the phone or the internet. To meet their needs, GTB also ensures that customers do not over spend while receiving the newest products and services required by their businesses.

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January 15, 2015

GTB announced today the certification of the new Aastra 6800 Series IP phones. All new phone models were tested to ensure compatibility with FlexPoint™, GTB’s hosted PBX service offering.

The AASTRA 6800 Series phones provide better audio capabilities, including HD Voice, which creates superior over all audio quality compared to most other phones. The phones are also equipped with an enhanced speaker system and higher quality microphones, creating a better hands-free calling experience. GTB will now provide the AASTRA 6800 Series phones with all new customer installations.

March 20, 2015

GTB announced today the availability of its new Multi Tenant Fiber (MTF) solution.  Qualifying customers are now being converted in select locations.

GTB’s MTF solution offers small to mid-size businesses who are looking for economical options to increase the speed of their internet access.  The new GTB MTF solution allows business customers to benefit from a fiber connection to the GTB network. Building tenants can connect to GTB’s MTF solution using their existing copper wiring, at a price that is significantly lower than the usual upgrade costs associated with other fiber-related solutions. All MTF customers can enjoy a variety of services including high speed internet access, traditional voice services, hosted PBX (FlexŸPoint™) and other network and IT services. All GTB product bundles provide significant savings compared to alternative market solutions.