Relying on large national Internet providers is a myth

Many assume that they are limited to one of two large, national Internet providers, but this is not the case.  In fact, shopping local for your high-speed Internet access can better serve you.  For companies transitioning their copper service to fiber or simply looking for higher Internet speeds, we offer a list of benefits for going local. 

Benefits of going local

These benefits include:

  • Local high-speed Internet providers can be equally as technically astute as larger, well-known ones.  A large, national advertising reach doesn’t automatically translate into better service.
  • Local Internet providers offer local customer service, which usually means better, more personalized care and faster resolution time. Read full article.


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The challenge of getting fiber in older buildings

Getting fiber in your building can be a challenge – particularly if you live in a neighborhood like Baltimore where the infrastructure is aging.  –But what do you do if you run a business or non-profit and need that higher-speed Internet?  This mini blog is intended to help you understand the steps needed to get that fiber in your building.

How to get fiber in your building

In previous blogs, we outline the different types of fiber and high-speed Internet available to you and the questions you need to ask providers before selecting one that can best meet your needs. Here are some additional variables you need to consider that affect the cost, effort and timing of getting fiber into your building:

  1. If your building is currently wired with copper,...Read full article.


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GTB Awards Scholarship to Towson University Student

OWINGS MILLS, MD - GTB announces today their Spring 2018 Scholarship award to Towson University student and Information Systems major, Samantha Herrmann.           

Applicants of GTB’s 2018 Scholarship were required to meet certain criteria, including being an undergraduate student with majors in Computer Science or Information Systems; full-time enrollment at an accredited University; and having a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Applicants were also required to write a brief essay about why they chose the Information Systems or a Computer Science field as their major; how they think they can best contribute to the field of Information Systems or Computer Science; and why they truly believe the field of Information Systems or Computer Science is the best career path for them. 

GTB’s CEO, Dror Mei-Tal, says, “We are happy to be able to contribute to both the Baltimore community and students striving for a career in Information Technology.  Congratulations Samantha!”


GTB offers Hosted PBX Business Phone Solutions, High Speed Internet Access, and Cyber Security.  Being local allows them to personally customize their services and continue to help companies every step of the way.  Headquartered in Owings Mills, Maryland and in business for 25 years, they have served thousands of companies in the MD, DC and Northern VA.  Years of experience, dedicated customer service, and customized product offerings have earned GTB many endorsements from customers and business associations as a “provider of choice”.



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by David GoldmanCNNTech.  Published December 15, 2017.  

Looking for ways to keep your business's Internet secure?  GTB, also a local Internet Service Provider, can help safeguard your company against cyber attacks, viruses and malware -- whether you get your Internet through us or not.  We do this with an Internet Security Firewallas well as, Anti-Virus and Malware Protection software and Remote Data Backup. This is part of a full CyberSeal Security Solutions package. 

Get 6 months of free Cloud Backup - Expires 12/31/17!  


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By Heather Kelly, CNNTech.  Published December 22

Whether you have an iPhone or not, GTB can help you communicate with colleagues and customers with your mobile devices as if you were in the office.  Our softphone app, Accession Communicator allows you to use nearly any device as your office phone anytime of the day from virtually anywhere. Learn more.  

Click here or call 1 (877) CALL-GTB to see if Accession Communicator can help you.


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