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By AXIOS.  Published December 1, 2018. 

Are you a company looking for high speed internet or fiber in an area that doesn't currently have the infrastructure?  GTB may be able to help.  We are a full unified communications provider that historically, has been able to get fiber in buildings when other providers are unable to.  In business for over 25 years, we provide IP phone solutionshigh speed internet and cyber security for over a thousand customers in Maryland, DC and Northern VA.  Learn more about how we can help.

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By Marcia Wendorf, Medium.  Published July 29, 2018.

Looking for more mobility in your communications and easy access to high quality Wi-Fi?  GTB can help.  We provide companies with a mobile app, Accession Communicator, which allows employees to communicate with customers and each other while on the go -- as if they were in your office!   With this softphone, they connect the office line to nearly any kind of mobile device, allowing staff to talk, message and video chat.  With GTB, companies also have access to a number of High Speed Internet Solutions including Fixed Wirelss and Wi-Fi Learn more about all the ways GTB is here to make your life easier.    

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Looking for guidance on how to purchase business phones and high speed internet?  Contact a GTB Business Solutions Consultant for a free assessment or read our how to articles below.      

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By , Axios.  Published December 18, 2018.

Looking for easy access to high quality Wi-Fi?  GTB can help.  We provide companies with a number of High Speed Internet Solutions including Fixed Wirelss and Wi-Fi Learn more about all the ways GTB is here to make your life easier.    

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