Customer Announcement: Accession Mobile App Upgraded to MaX UC

GTB has upgraded our former Accession Communicator platform to the MaX UC Softphone. MaX UC offers the same great functionality as Accession, but with more security. Like Accession, it allows you to connect your office phone to a Smartphone, iPad/Tablet device, and/or Desktop Computer, so you can communicate with your customers and team members as if you are in the office! The Softphone provides Video Calling, Chat, Visual Voicemail, and Call Forwarding, as well as, Do-Not-Disturb functionality and the ability to store and access Outlook contacts. Users can select Wi-Fi or mobile data for low data allowances or using while roaming, etc. Soon, the app will even give companies the ability to run video meetings, so stay tuned! Learn more.

Have Questions?

Contact our Customer Care team by email or by calling 1-877-CALL-GTB (225-5482), option 2.

Not Yet Using Accession Mobile, but Need a Softphone?

Email our Sales Team for a free demo or call 1 (877) CALL-GTB (225-5482).


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