What is being changed

Starting today, April 18, 2016, Flex•Point™ hosted PBX customers will have a new display screen or User Interface (UI) for the 6867i and 6869i phone systems.  This is due to an upgrade in our Flex•Point™ Firmware to version

Why the upgrade was made

Firmware is being released to add stability to the phone’s operation and to improve the clarity and ease-of-use of the UI.  Industry standards have shown that the enhanced color scheme and larger fonts are more user friendly.  See examples of the new phone UI screens below:

Other effects to your phone’s primary functions

In addition to the newer contemporary UI, the Caller’s List and Redial List have been consolidated into the phone’s Call History application. Users can view their missed calls, outgoing calls, received calls, or a list of all calls made to and from their phone using the consolidated Call History application.  See an example of the Call History screen below.

Learn more

To learn more about this firmware update, visit our FAQ page


Contact Customer Care at 1 (877) CALL-GTB or custservice@gtb.net.