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February 6, 2017
"...the experts are more likely to run anti-virus software and to use password managers than non-experts.  Read full article, Seven things security experts do to keep safe online by clicking here.   By Alex Hern, The Guardian.  Posted on July 7, 2015. Whether you decide to apply security updates or use a password... read more
February 1, 2017
Read article, How I take on telecommunications giants by clicking here.   By Carley Milligan, Baltimore Business Journal.  Posted on January 25, 2017. In an industry where large phone and Internet companies appear to own the market and provide spotty customer service, GTB is able to offer both the best in technology... read more
January 30, 2017
"Nearly 60% of organizations have been hit by data breaches or cyber attacks...yet only 24% of executives are prepared..."  Read article, Top operational risks faced by companies revealed by clicking here.   By Gabriel Olano, Insurance BUSINESS.  Posted on January 21, 2017. In the face of cyber attacks and other data... read more
January 23, 2017
Read Meet the power players who really run Uber by clicking here. By Biz Carson, BUSINESS INSIDER.  Posted January 21, 2017. Whether you're traveling by Uber, Lyft or another form of transportation, GTB has an app that allows you to communicate with your customers on the go.  Meet Accession Mobile.  It allows you to ... read more
January 9, 2017
    PRESS RELEASE 1/16/2017 Contact:        Heather Gwaltney GTB (410) 517-1760 GTB Signs Contract with Verizon to Resell Fios Internet BALTIMORE, MD - GTB is proud to announce the signing of a new High Speed Internet access agreement with Verizon.  Per this agreement, GTB is able to resell... read more
January 9, 2017
Read Apple will reportedly release 3 new iPads in 2017 by clicking here. By Hannah Roberts, Business Insider.  Posted January 9, 2017. Interested in communicating with your customers from virtually any computer device and moving from device to device even in the middle of a call?  Learn more about GTB's Communicator... read more
January 5, 2017
Read Mark Zuckerberg shares Facebook’s secrets with all his employees, and almost none of it leaks by clicking here. By KURT WAGNER, recode.  Posted on January 5, 2017. With GTB, employees and customers also have direct access to the CEO.  This means open communication with employees and extra care for customers.  If... read more
December 19, 2016
Read LinkedIn's skill learning unit hit by hack by clicking here. By John Ribeiro, Bangalore Correspondent, IDG News Service.  Posted on PC World on December 19, 2016. In the face of Internet security risks, GTB can help safeguard your business's data and network with Cloud-Based Data Backup and Network... read more
December 12, 2016
Read Carriers announce the exact dates they plan to kill your Galaxy Note 7 by clicking here. By Zach Epstein, BGR.  Posted December 12, 2016. Whether you have a Samsung, iPhone or Android, GTB has a mobile communications app that allows you to talk to your customers as if you're in the office -- anytime from... read more
December 5, 2016
Read Google’s new Trusted Contacts app lets you share your location during emergencies by clicking here. By Natt Garun, THE VERGE.  Posted December 5, 2016. If you're also looking for a way to communicate with your customers while on the go, GTB has a mobile communications app that allows you to talk to your customers... read more


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