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April 16, 2018
Read Google is testing self-destructing emails in new Gmail. By Romain Dillet@romaindillet, TechCrunch. Published April 13, 2018.  Looking for ways to keep your company's data safe?  GTB can help.  As part of our CyberSeal Security Solutions package, we provide Cloud Data Backup, Internet Security Firewall and Anti-... read more
April 9, 2018
Read Don’t just blame Facebook for taking your data – most online publishers are at it too by clicking here. By John Naughton, The Guardian.  Published April 8, 2018.  Looking for a way to keep your business's data private?  GTB can help.  We offer VPN (Virtual Private Network) Services and as part of our CyberSeal... read more
April 2, 2018
Read A long awaited privacy awakening is here by clicking here. By Seth Fiegerman, CNNtech.  Published March 29, 2018.  Looking for a way to keep your business's data private?  GTB can help.  As part of our CyberSeal Security Solutions package, we provide Cloud Data Backup, Internet Security Firewall and Anti-Virus... read more
March 30, 2018
  What has happened: Due to ongoing cyber security threats, GTB has conducted an immediate reset of outdated passwords.  In addition, GTB has changed the CommPortal login page to:  These changes were necessary to protect login access to CommPortal and Accession accounts. Who is affected: GTB... read more
March 29, 2018
  For Commportal Users Only Commportal users must use “https” in the domain name in order to access their service via the Commportal desktop application.  Please use one of the following domain names until further notice: 1) or 2)   Please also edit any current... read more
March 26, 2018
Advice from the author: "There will likely be an update or two to iOS 11.3 coming down the pipes over the weeks following its release (tomorrow), so you might want to wait for the dust to settle and for any last-minute bugs to be squashed before making the leap...Also, if you use your device in a BYOD setting, make... read more
March 23, 2018
"To break into the accounts, the sophisticated campaign started by studying each target in a reconnaissance phase, then using that information to send specialized emails to the targets that appeared to come from other university professors expressing interest in a recently published work, with links to other research... read more
March 19, 2018
Read iPhone And Apple Watch Calling 911 On Their Own: Here's How To Prevent Emergency SOS Accidents by clicking here.   By Aaron Mamiit, Tech Times.  Published March 19, 2018. GTB's softphone app is no accident.  With Accession Communicator, employees can talk and video chat with their colleagues and customers as if... read more
March 12, 2018
Read This is what Steve Jobs’ 1973 job application looked like by clicking here.   By Yoni Heisler, BGR.  Published March 11, 2018. Need a phone company with a similar kind of history?  GTB has been in business for over 25 years and provides the latest technology in Unified Communications, High Speed Internet and... read more
March 5, 2018
Read The banana phone is back! There's a new Nokia 8110 by clicking here.   By Ivana Kottasová, CNNtech.  Published February 27, 2018. Interested in connecting your mobile phone to your office phone?  With GTB's softphone app, you are able to talk and video chat with your colleagues and customers as if you were in the... read more


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