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December 18, 2017
Read article, Net neutrality repeal: Now what? by clicking here. by David Goldman, CNNTech.  Published December 15, 2017.   Looking for ways to keep your business's Internet secure?  GTB, also a local Internet Service Provider, can help safeguard your company against cyber attacks, viruses and malware -- whether you... read more
December 12, 2017
PRESS RELEASE 12/14/2017 Contact:        Heather Gwaltney GTB (410) 517-1760   GTB Awards Scholarship to Towson University Student OWINGS MILLS, MD - GTB announces today their Spring 2018 Scholarship award to Towson University student and Information Systems major, Samantha Herrmann... read more
December 12, 2017
The challenge of getting fiber in older buildings Getting fiber in your building can be a challenge – particularly if you live in a neighborhood like Baltimore where the infrastructure is aging.  –But what do you do if you run a business or non-profit and need that higher-speed Internet?  This mini blog is intended to... read more
December 4, 2017
Relying on large national Internet providers is a myth Many assume that they are limited to one of two large, national Internet providers, but this is not the case.  In fact, shopping local for your high-speed Internet access can better serve you.  For companies transitioning their copper service to fiber or simply... read more
November 28, 2017
You have a choice about which high speed Internet service you use Many rely on their Internet service provider to tell them what kind of service they need without understanding what’s available to them.  This mini blog is intended to educate you about the primary options available to your company, so that you can make... read more
November 22, 2017
Finding high speed Internet can be challenging because buildings are not equipped for fiber -- particularly in Baltimore where the City’s infrastructure is aging.  So, what if you’re a business or non-profit and need high speed Internet?  This mini blog is intended to help you find what you need, especially in... read more
November 20, 2017
Read article, Apparently, My Face Is My Password Now by clicking here. By Madhvi Mavadiya , CONTRIBUTOR with Forbes Tech.  Published November 20, 2017.   Looking for ways to keep your business's network secure?  GTB can help safeguard your company against cyber attacks, viruses and malware.  We do this with an ... read more
November 14, 2017
Verizon is converting their network from copper to fiber The FCC recently passed a regulation allowing Verizon to retire (i.e., “eliminate”) copper services from their facilities in the State of Maryland. Verizon has started this process and will continue to switch over their services throughout 2017 and 2018.  Learn... read more
November 6, 2017
Read article, Coding school wants to stop people from joining ISIS​ by clicking here. By Samuel Burke, CNNTech.  Published November 2, 2017.   GTB is offering a scholarship to students with Computer Science or Information Technology-related majors.  Application deadline is December 1, 2017!  Learn more.     
October 30, 2017
A little something to make you smile this Halloween!  Read article, A Neural Network Generated the Best Halloween Costume Ideas We've Ever Heard​ by clicking here. By Sophie Weiner, Popular Mechanics.  Published October 30, 2017.   Looking for a way to block unfriendly neural networks?  GTB can help safeguard your... read more


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