Difference between a Softphone, Hardphone and Smartphone

Updated May 22, 2020.

As states and businesses reopen, GTB can help the transition with flexible communications. 

To communicate with customers and staff, businesses need to know whether to continue with the more traditional types of hardphones, adopt and/or expand usage of the newer softphones or just stick with smartphones. In this article, we compare and contrast all three and provide a recommendation about when to use each.

Customer Video: Baltimore Center Stage

Baltimore Center Stage's Executive Director, Michael Ross, describes theater as a place where community comes together to hear different stories that "help us learn, see others, and walk in others footsteps".  He also emphasizes the importance of Center Stage's mission of "Access for All", which really means "that any barrier that you might have on coming is eliminated, whether that’s price or group or if that’s different stories that we’re telling." 

Healthcare and Education Industries Solution

Each industry has a unique set of needs, which requires a customized solution.  In this blog, GTB addresses the Healthcare and Education industries’ primary needs and provides recommendations about how to best meet these needs.


The Healthcare and Education industries represent organizations that provide people-centric services, such as eldercare facilities, medical and dental offices, schools and faith-based organizations.


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