Organizations that experience loss of data are usually unprepared for the extensive damage caused by the loss of critical customer and/or financial information, company downtime and overtime pay to recreate the data. 

 Global Telecom - Remote Data Back-Up

In many cases, companies also do not realize that they need their data backed up until after the data is lost and cannot be retrieved.

To support businesses, GTB provides a Cloud Backup solution.  The initial set up of the Cloud Backup service takes just a few minutes.  Daily changes are then automatically logged and downloaded without any effort on your part.  The beauty of this online backup service is that you receive daily email reports with details of which files were backed up and the current “balance” of stored data.  –And in the event of a partial or complete data loss, all files are immediately available 24/7 to be restored online to any computer.

A key benefit of the Cloud Backup service includes the elimination of inconveniences, such as the procurement or installation of new hardware, etc.

Another main benefit of this Cloud Backup service is its ability to satisfy regulatory compliance requirements where confidential information is being collected.

GTB provides these services to small and mid-sized business in the MD, DC and Northern VA areas.

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