With GTB’s web conferencing solution, your company can select enhanced audio conference call service and web conferencing services at low rates. 

 Global Telecom - Web and Audio Conferencing

These conferencing services enable you to conduct meetings right from the convenience of your desk. Audio and web conferences can be set up for either small or large groups of people.  All participants in the conference share the same audio bridge, and can view any data presented by the conference host right from their own computer. You can choose to utilize all the rich features for web conferencing or keep it simple with an audio only conference call. 

Additionally, GTB’s conferencing services can minimize costly business travel, enhance productivity, and improve customer satisfaction. Here are some examples of how your organization can benefit from conferencing services:

  • Sales - Increase revenue by delivering presentations remotely to key prospects. Qualify potential clients before committing to costly site visits.
  • Training - Reduce costs associated with employee and customer training.
  • Human Resources - Introduce new programs and policies to regional employees swiftly and efficiently. 
  • Engineering - Collaborate on designs and manufacturing plans to deliver products to market faster.
  • Help Desk - Lower service costs by remotely walking customers through any application and provide more responsive support from anywhere in the country.