GTB provides the latest in high speed Internet and data solutions.   

 Global Telecom - High Speed Internet Solutions

GTB: Global Telecom is the first choice for Internet service providers for thousands of business customers in Maryland, Virginia and DC. We offer high speed Internet, VPN business solutions, and fixed wireless solutions. As a business data service provider, we offer both managed and unmanaged solutions, so you get the services you need at the best price. 

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  • High Speed Internet Solutions. GTB can provide High Speed Internet where other service providers cannot.  We offer fiber and a wide range of Internet speeds from 10MB to 500MB, depending on your needs and budget.  Other benefits include: Faster use of email, file transfers, and web browsing; Support of multiple users with a single connection; and 24/7 monitoring when data is provided over our privately managed network. 

  • VPN Business Solutions.  GTB’s Point-to-Point VPN solution provides fast, reliable and efficient network connectivity that allows you to securely transfer private and sensitive data between locations, whether across town or across the country.  This helps businesses connect branch offices to the main office, connect with partner networks, and connect to the cloud.

  • Fixed Wireless. The Fixed Wireless solution supports up to 200+ Mbps throughput and provides reliability for applications like Voice over IP (VoIP), and critical data. This also allows businesses to: Extend networks to nearby buildings; Utilize the latest digital wireless technology at a fraction of the cost and time required to extend fiber optic cabling; Scale the technology to grow with the business; and Maintain flexibility with versatile functionality.

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Whether you need high speed Internet service for one location or multiple locations, GTB gives you the flexibility and secure data services you need to succeed and grow. 

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