Accession Mobile is an app that can be used with a tablet, iPad or smart phone.

The app extends the office desk’s extension into your mobile device and allows call handling as if you are in the office. Flex-Point™ subscribers can use the app to receive calls intended for their desk extension. In addition, the app provides the ability to make calls over the mobile device’s internet service. Though the call is made from your mobile device, the caller ID shows your office number.

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Other features include: 

  • Free Intercom calls to any member of your calling group
  • Visual messaging for your office voicemail messages
  • Chat program with any Accession user who is a member of your group
  • Video chat with any Accession user who is a member of your group
  • Call logs of all your incoming and outgoing office calls
  • Call manager to control your office calls and features no matter where you are

Accession Mobile can be use as an extension of the office IP phone or as a virtual line for nomadic subscribers.

Access Accession Mobile:

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