As one of Maryland’s most trusted IT services companies, GTB provides a full range of IT service management.

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Larger enterprises often have entire IT departments dedicated to designing and maintaining the company’s network, but what if you’re a small- to medium-sized business that lacks the space or budget for a dedicated IT department? GTB can help. As your IT services provider, we can take care of network design, maintenance, troubleshooting and more, so you have the benefit of an in-house IT expert without having to hire one yourself.  

GTB employs a group of Cisco and Microsoft certified engineers to manage your IT service needs, so you don’t have to. As your IT service provider, we focus on the design, purchasing, installation and maintenance of your network, and computer hardware and software programs. We also offer a variety of flexible plans, which include onsite and remote support and emergency assistance.

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We offer a number of IT services to over a thousand customers in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.  Click on any one of the links below to learn more:

  • Network Setup Services. If your company is ready to upgrade to a server based network, GTB can provide network setup services by assessing your needs, recommending the required hardware and software, and implementing the solution.
  • Desktop and Server Maintenance. Our desktop server maintenance plans allow your company to focus on its ongoing business operations.
  • Diagnostics. GTB provides a number of diagnostics tools including the resolution of DNS problems, finding out what your IP address is and running an internet speed test.

See How to Save Money on IT Support

  1. IT Managers vs. outsourcing to third party IT companies

Many companies employ internal IT Managers who are responsible for maintaining equipment and software. Other companies outsource the responsibility to third party IT companies that become the “go to” organization when there is problem.  Rather than pay an ongoing salary, the outsourced company charges a monthly fee and includes a pre-selected set of hours for monthly maintenance at the customer location.

  1. Weighing the cost and benefit of these standard options

Both solutions can work depending on the company’s needs and budget, but the charges become a fixed expense that many organizations try to reduce or avoid. Usually, company managers are willing to pay for someone to evaluate the network, update the software and fix or upgrade the hardware. But after a few months without serious computer or hardware issues, managers become reluctant to continue paying the expensive fees associated with the service.   Read full article.

Make GTB your company of choice for IT services company in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. With network setup and maintenance, hardware monitoring, and desktop and server maintenance, our IT services cover all of your networking needs for much less than the cost of hiring your own IT team!

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