GTB provides hardware and software monitoring services.   

Our sophisticated remote software and hardware monitoring solution helps identify and resolve issues with your critical systems before they affect your business. 

To apply hardware monitoring, GTB installs software on your individual computers and servers to monitor the performance of your computer hardware and the status of critical services.  This software helps you avoid equipment failure and warns you about computer intrusion and unauthorized use of your systems.  Automatic software updates ensure that your systems are up-to-date and less vulnerable to security attacks.

GTB offers hardware monitoring to over a thousand customers in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia areas.


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It’s a normal day at the office 

As a Manager who pays staff to do their work, you may get nervous when the office becomes too quiet – yet each of your employees is diligently staring at their computer screens.  Is it because they are incredibly focused or are they on Facebook or some other kind of non-work related website?  Your suspicion may become even stronger when your own mangers come to you and report they are experiencing slow internet connections.

How do you respond?  See full article.