Best Cloud Backup Service
September 28, 2015
by Heather Gwaltney

With multiple priorities vying for your attention, backing up your data can be one of those things you neglect to do.  -And even if it’s something you decide you need, there are so many backup service providers; how do you know which one to go with? 

Why care about data loss?

Let’s first review the costs of data loss.  The cost of losing data can be crippling to your business. 

The cost is directly related to the value of the data and the length of time that it’s unavailable.”[1]  Total loss of data can even cause your business to completely shut down.   Additionally, the image of your business can be destroyed having to notify users and customers about the loss and/or services you are unable to provide.

Leading causes of data loss

There are a range of causes that can lead to data loss.  The more common reasons are attributed to hardware or a system malfunction.  Other businesses can lose their data due to things, such as disasters.  A breakdown of the list of causes shown below[2]:

  • Hardware or system malfunctions 44%
  • Human error 32%
  • Software corruption 14%
  • Computer viruses 7%
  • Natural disasters 3%

Why go to the cloud

There are a number of manual ways to backup your data, such as placing it in a geographically redundant location, but cloud backup does not require an IT person, and saves you time and money.  Having a cloud backup service eliminates the need for inconveniences, such as the procurement or installation of new hardware, etc.

Going remote is particularly important for the businesses that are required to satisfy regulatory compliance where confidential information is being collected.

Being proactive can save you

Organizations that experience loss of data are usually unprepared for the extensive damage caused by the loss.  In many cases, companies also do not realize that they need their data backed up until after the data is lost and/or cannot be retrieved.

It’s easy to be proactive

To support businesses, GTB provides a Cloud Backup solution.  The initial set up of the Remote Data Backup service takes just a few minutes.  Daily changes are then automatically logged and downloaded without any effort on your part.  The beauty of this cloud backup service is that you receive daily email reports with details of which files were backed up and the current “balance” of stored data. In the event of a partial or complete data loss, all files are immediately available 24/7 to be restored online to any computer.  GTB provides these services to small and mid-sized business in the MD, DC and Northern VA.

For only cents per day, your company can relax knowing your data is secure.

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[2] Source: Protect Data