Best Way to Finance Your Business Phone System
January 6, 2016
By Dror Mei-Tal

Common reasons to need a new phone system

  • Your business is growing and you need to hire more people.
  • You are relocating your business as a result of a change in size of your company.
  • You want to see if you can save money by moving over to a hosted PBX system.
  • Your current phone system is outdated and you need more features to support your communications.
  • Your current system is broken.
  • You are dissatisfied with your current phone provider.

Typical financing options

So, you know you want to consider upgrading your phone system.  What’s usually next?

You start getting quotes from your current phone system vendor.  In most cases, that provider will tell you that you need a considerable amount of cash up front to purchase all of the phone equipment.

If purchasing the phones does not sound good to you, you will have another option to lease the equipment with interest rates up to 20%.  The leasing agreement includes buy out requirements at the end of the lease, and it’s challenging to estimate what size of phone system you need now if you anticipate future growth. 

All of this can be complicated, time consuming, and turn you away from making an upgrade.

An easy way to finance your system

But before you decide to scrap your plans, consider a hosted PBX option with no money down and only one monthly payment for both the service fee and the hardware.  This arrangement allows you to upgrade more easily and provides you with all of the features needed to effectively communicate with your customers and staff.

Instead of buying the phone system equipment, the hosted PBX solution allows you to pay only for the number of phones you need, based on the number of people using the system at any given time.  The seat price includes all phone equipment, communications features and warranty on the phone. These charges are rolled into the cost of your phone lines and become your new monthly phone bill.  So, now there is no need to get a bank loan or sign complicated leases as you would’ve had to do before.

Additionally, at the end of your lease term, you can continue the service, upgrade to even newer phone equipment or return the hardware.  Bundling hosted PBX solutions also usually means that you save money on your calling and phone line charges.

The best news, however, is that most businesses find that using hosted PBX barely affects their current monthly phone costs, and the benefits of the new equipment and expanded features improves business operations and customer service.

How GTB can help

Whether you are new to GTB or an existing customer of ours, we will visit your office and provide a free assessment of your current phone system to see if we can upgrade it to hosted PBX for little to no more than what you’re paying now.  Currently, we also provide the financing option mentioned above where customers do not need any money down to lease the hosted PBX phone solution.  All voice products are run on our private network, so that customers can receive HD voice with numerous features.  In case of power outages, the hosted PBX phone service can also provide redundancy, so you will never lose a call with your customers!  Because we are local, we configure your system, and provide in-person installation and training, so you don’t have to.  Learn more about the Business Phone Systems you can choose from.

Get your free assessment

Click here or call us at (877) CALL-GTB for your free assessment to see if the hosted PBX financing option is right for you.

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