Baltimore Center Stage Box Office
February 22, 2021
By Heather Gwaltney

What is Baltimore Center Stage?

With over a hundred thousand patrons coming through Baltimore Center Stage every year, the theater has a history dating back to 1963 when it was founded by community members that were in a drama class together. Managing Director, Michael Ross explains what he thinks is the most important thing about Center Stage, which "is community". He adds, "It’s where people come together and where, in the form of theater; we tell stories. – Many different kinds of stories that help us learn, (for a moment) walk in other's footsteps, and also seeing ourselves in a different light." Learn more about their New Virtual Membership!

Services that help Baltimore Center Stage

Because Center Stage requires that staff communicate with patrons and artists that, at times, don’t live in Baltimore, being able to communicate effectively is vital -- whether it's through internal meetings, conference calls, or phone calls. Center Stage first formed a relationship with GTB in 2011 and returned after an extensive renovation in 2017. Some of the services they have include the FlexPoint phones, and all of the service that connect that back to their computer systems, which for Mr. Ross, is the most important thing. He loves getting all of his "voicemails into his email, which makes those messages really flexible" to be almost anywhere. And since a number of patrons still call the box office, it’s important for Center Stage to be able to provide personalized customer service over the phone. Staff also relies heavily on the Call Center and the data analytics of the Call Center, as well as, the Auto Attendant for everyone calling into their box office. Center Stage also uses the Music on Hold feature to play music from their productions to entice their patrons about the next show. The system allows them to make sure they're monitoring every call, how patrons are coming to them, and how the company is taking care of them. What Mr. Ross really appreciates is that he doesn't have to think about the system much. When he goes to his IT person and asks "can it do this? The answer is almost always yes, Michael, it can do that." 

How GTB can help you

GTB provides local customer care to a number of verticals in the Maryland, DC and Northern VA areas. We have a track record of providing a number of business phone solutions, including phone hardware and servicesoftphones, and now the video conferencing you need while working from home and on the go. And today, with cloud technology, we also offer web hosting and email and Office 365. As part of our commitment to you, we provide a free, no obligation assessment of your phone and internet systems to see if we can improve the quality of your company’s unified communications. Redeem your assessment nowLearn more about how GTB can help.

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