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December 23, 2020
By Heather Gwaltney

Featured Customer, Earth Treks Climbing Centers - Now Reopening!

What is Earth Treks Climbing Centers?

Earth Treks was founded in 1990 as an outdoor rock climbing school that taught people how to climb on rocks, mountains, and ice all over the world. But Earth Treks is not just about climing; they're also a yoga studio, and fitness facility. They offer courses both inside their centers and at outside locations. Check for locations nearest you.

Services that help Earth Treks Climbing Centers

As the COO, Chris Jenkins operates as a "jack of all trades". On an average day, he will be actively engaged in the full spectrum of finance, personnel, and communications with a variety of customers. Therefore, being able to communicate effectively is vital to his success, and given that they have multiple locations across the U.S., a big part of that communications is over the phone. When Earth Treks was first introduced to GTB, they were having a hard time getting broadband internet at their headquarters. They also went with GTB because their customer and retail management software required that each location be connected through a Virtual Private Network or VPN connection. Chris states, "GTB came up with a solution for us. And that impacts work flow positively every day.” In addition to excellent voice quality, Chris indicates how heavily they rely on the Auto Attendant system, as it's the first impression their customers receive, as well as, a great resource during extreme weather events, such as storms that require the business to close temporarily. When this happens, Earth Treks is able to change recordings and forward calls remotely, and staff doesn't have to be in the office. Chris concludes that in general, he feels that "GTB provides a high level of personal care. This has been true from sales, installation, and support. Earth Treks is growing, so we need a Telecom company that can grow with us." Watch Earth Treks video now.

How GTB can help you

GTB provides local customer care to a number of verticals in the Maryland, DC and Northern VA areas. We have a track record of providing a number of business phone solutions, including phone hardware and service, and softphones you can use while working from home and on the go. And today, with cloud technology, we also offer web hosting and email and Office 365. As part of our commitment to you, we provide a free, no obligation assessment of your phone and internet systems to see if we can improve the quality of your company’s unified communications. Redeem your assessment nowLearn more about how GTB can help.

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Did you know? GTB now offers Video Conferencing!

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