Customer Video: Maryland Center for Education & Training (MCVET)
May 2, 2018
By Heather Gwaltney

In GTB's customer video, MCVET Executive Director, Jeffrey Kendrick, shares the mission of his non-profit and explains how, in the last 24 years, it has served almost 10,000 vets from all over the U.S.  What he also says is how GTB has been helping him serve these vets.  Specifically, Mr. Kendrick says that "Communication affects my day to day work in that I have to be available 24 hours a day seven days a week."

In order to maintain this ongoing communications, Mr. Kendrick and his staff use GTB's VoIP (Voiceover IP) office phones, mobile softphone and high speed Internet.  Watch the video below to learn more.

Mr. Kendrick goes on to say, "What I’ve appreciated most about GTB is the fact that I am not working with a company as much as I’m working with a friend, a partner, a person that supports exactly what we do.  So I get that genuine feeling that GTB actually cares."  Together with GTB, MCVET "gives the men and women who have served (our country) another chance at life."  Learn more about how GTB can help you.

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