Help for businesses that are large, distributed or noisy
May 25, 2016
By Heather Gwaltney

There are a number of industries that struggle with exceptionally large and/or loud spaces, including Automotive, Printing & Graphics, Manufacturing and Healthcare & Medical.  Automotive centers often have a retail section where they welcome customers and a warehouse where they do the work and/or store inventory.  Likewise, Printing & Graphics shops have a location where they work directly with the customer and a separate space where they do the printing. They may even have a third area where the staff designs graphics and manages projects.  Printers and Manufacturers also have equipment that runs continuously, generating a high level of noise. Additionally, Healthcare & Medical facilities are large and often dispersed over wide spaces.  All of these types of organizations have the challenge of communicating in large and noisy areas. 

If your business is large, loud or distributed through several areas, GTB can integrate additional equipment with your regular phones to allow you to communicate better with staff and customers.

Overhead paging devices broadcast messages throughout your organization

An overhead paging system connects with your phones to broadcast specific messages.  It can be integrated into your existing overhead speaker infrastructure or added as a new system to provide complete paging coverage for your organization.

Other Benefits:

  • Customizable configurations can accommodate a wide-range of situations
  • Options for multi-zone paging in the overhead area, through the phone system or both at the same time 
  • Allows businesses to page between different locations overhead or over the phones  

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Phone light ringers are used when the environment is too noisy or if your staff is hearing impaired

Phone lights can be used as a visual notification of a phone call or in the case of a safety or security issue.  With it, you can alert employees in loud locations and eliminate noise in quiet environments.  Lights come with yellow, blue or red lens covers, and businesses can easily integrate the lights with any unified communications server or security system.

Other Benefits:

  • Wall or ceiling mountable
  • Weather resistant
  • OSHA and ADA compliant
  • Distinguishable from fire alarm
  • High efficiency and long shelf life

External phone ringers amplify sound over a larger space and/or noisy area

An external phone ringer is an extension of your phone used to amplify the sound.  The external phone ringer produces a sound about eight times louder than a regular telephone, and if used with a horn speaker, can be twenty times louder.  Businesses can customize ring sounds and record or upload custom audio files, music, sound effects or voice announcements. 

Other Benefits:

  • Pre-loaded with several ring tones, including bell, chime, gong, buzzer and dogs
  • Adjusts output for noise level
  • Outdoor ringing or paging with optional horn speaker
  • Visual notification in quiet areas
  • Can select low frequency tones, as opposed to traditional ringers

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How GTB can help

If you have an existing phone system and have additional needs to accommodate large or noisy environments, GTB will provide a free assessment of your system to see if we can help.  Additionally, we offer business phone solutions and a number of other supplementary devices and services, including High Speed Internet, remote Data Backup, Network Security and IT Services.  Learn more by visiting our Solutions page.  Because we are local, we can also provide the special care you need to make your life a little easier. 

Get your free assessment

Click here or call us at 1 (877) CALL-GTB for your free assessment to see if we can meet your unique needs.

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