Hosted vs. Premise-Bases Phones: Which one is best for you?
August 2, 2018
By Heather Gwaltney

Curious about the difference between hosted and premise-based phone systems? 

We provide an easy comparison chart below to get you started.


How GTB can help

Whether you are new to GTB or an existing customer of ours, we will visit your office and provide a free assessment of your current phone system to see if we can upgrade it to hosted PBX for little to no more than what you’re paying now.  For the past 25 years, GTB has provided a variety of Business Phone Solutions and High Speed Internet Service with Internet Security. Headquartered in Baltimore, MD, we provide local customer care to companies in Maryland, DC and Northern VA. Rather than find multiple providers for each service, we also make acquiring and managing these services easier by providing a “one- stop- shop” experience. GTB is currently offering a Summer Promotion, and it expires August 30th! Learn more

Email or call GTB for your free assessment


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