preparing for power outages
October 22, 2015
by Alex Simone and Heather Gwaltney

A power outage can mean that you lose phone service completely

Recently, the news warned residents and businesses alike about Hurricane Joaquin.  As the winter months approach, we can expect rain, snow, and wind; the kind of extreme weather that causes power outages, and can affect your business. How do you prepare, so that employees can keep working, and you can continue to develop business and serve your existing customers?  The last thing you want customers to hear is, “The number you have dialed is no longer in service…”

In this case, potential customers will hang up and likely call the next company.  Existing customers may wonder if you’ve in fact gone out of business or be concerned that you’ve moved. 

There is a solution

Businesses that move to cloud technology virtually eliminate this problem.  As an example, let’s imagine that an extreme storm hits, which severs power lines.  A GTB customer with cloud services can still communicate with his/her employees, vendors, and customers because the “brains” the business phone system are not on the company premises. So, instead of callers hearing an error message, they hear an Auto Attendant that routes the call to the appropriate extension’s mobile phone or a message is recoded and delivered immediately to your smart phone.  In this scenario, the GTB customers continue to receive calls during the storm and serve their own customers, while companies using older technology are cut off from the power outage until their power is restored.

In addition to providing cloud services, a good phone and Internet service provider offers solutions with built-in redundancy. The right redundancy plan can keep your company in business with potentially no disruptions—even if your main circuit fails. This method uses a secondary provider Internet access to ensure a quick failover from the primary service source to the secondary source.  A unified solution can be configured for automatic failover for both voice and data services.

For some, redundancy is critical

If your business is to manage people’s health and wellbeing; is driven by sales; and/or depends on reliable customer service, it’s a ‘no-brainer’ to consult with a GTB Specialist to see if cloud services are right for you.

How GTB can help

GTB provides cloud-based applications for phone and Internet redundancy, and a number of other backup services, including data storage and security monitoring.  All of these services can be accessible from virtually anywhere – from your car, home, office, and when you’re in and out of the country.  Learn more.

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