How Wi-Fi Helps You Infographic
March 1, 2018

Whether you are at work or home, having Wi-Fi is important -- for many reasons. 

In 2000, 52% of adults used the Internet.  Fast forward to 2016 and Internet usage increased to 88% of adults. 

Having Wi-Fi at home is common since it helps you get VoIP (Voiceover IP) access, achieve mobility, requires fewer wires, and allows you to share equipment like printers and scanners.  At work, Wi-Fi is valuable because it makes it easier for employees and customers to communicate and use their Internet.  By doing so, it increases productivity, improves customer satisfaction, and helps retain customers. 

Easy ways to make your Wi-Fi more efficient at work (and at home) are to reboot your router, monitor the bandwidth, rearrange the furniture, upgrade the firmware, and change the wireless channel.  See the infographic below for an illustration of the value of Wi-Fi.

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How WiFi helps you