Network monitoring
June 18, 2015
by Dror Mei-Tal

It’s a normal day at the office  

As a Manager who pays staff to do their work, you may get nervous when the office becomes too quiet – yet each of your employees is diligently staring at their computer screens.  Is it because they are incredibly focused or are they on Facebook or some other kind of non-work related website?  Your suspicion may become even stronger when your own mangers come to you and report they are experiencing slow internet connections.

How do you respond?

At this point, you are left with an option to stand behind each employee while they work, so you can see their computer screen.  But then you realize that this is an impossible task, given that you have many employees and your own work to do. You also understand that if your assumption is correct, and they are surfing the web, you will be faced with the harsh reality that you’re paying someone to entertain themselves and your company is losing time and money.

What GTB can do to help

A much easier option to trace and stop employee Internet abuse is to install a small software program on each computer. The program, called Web Manager, is hidden behind the scenes to monitor the entire computer’s online activity. The data is received and reported on an online interface, which resides in “the cloud”. The information you see includes the sites accessed by each user’s computer, the access time and day, the length of time the computer stayed on the site, and the amount of bandwidth used.  With Web Manager, you can easily access this information, and discover which employees are wasting your time and money. Subsequently, you also have the ability to invite rogue employees into your office and have a discussion about the abuse.  Lastly, you are able to analyze the reports to see which sites are not necessary for your employees to access, and block those unneeded sites.


By using Web Manager, you can set expectations with your employees and significantly reduce this kind of online abuse. The program is inexpensive, and easy to use and manage. By investing a small monthly fee, you are able to increase your company’s productivity and pay your employees for what they were hired to do. 

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