Web Tutorial: How to Block Spam
October 14, 2022
By GTB Team

Why Care about Blocking Spam?

Many business customers are now hearing from their customers/clients that the call they received came through under a different name or marked as spam on the Caller ID. Showing up as “SPAM” on Caller ID happens when the business name assigned to a specific number is frequently used under fraud pretenses by a “spoofer”. Subsequently, the number can become identified as fraud and then placed in a nationwide fraud database. Anyone can report your number as fraud. This is part of the on-going challenge which telecom carriers and their customers face.

Examples of Robocalling and Spoofing  

  • In general, a “Robocall” refers to any call where the audio is one or more pre-recorded message without a live human on the line. Most robocalls will have a single promotional message, usually ending with a call to action, such as pressing a key to learn more.
  • Nearly every robocall involves some amount of “Autodialing”, where the call is initiated automatically as opposed to being manually dialed by a human.
  • “Spoofing” refers to the insertion of a telephone number or name into a phone call’s Caller ID “From” header that does not match the actual phone number being used to generate that call.

How GTB can help

GTB, along with most telecom carriers and independent providers, are part of the nationwide effort to mitigate this illicit and nuisance calling through illegal robocalls and spamming. We will continue to work with State and Federal agencies in order to adopt and implement a best practice approach to combating this problem. Unfortunately, once your business number falls victim, it becomes your responsibility to resolve this issue. 

What You Can Do 

Currently, there is a website that was specifically created to help business customers resolve issues with their business number(s) that have arisen after their number(s) have been spoofed. You can access this website at: www.freecallerregistry.com. You can register your business telephone number(s) on this website, which will provide access to nationwide reputation databases.  GTB has also developed an online tutorial on how to do this (see above) or access it on our Online Tutorials page. If you are looking for a company to help safeguard your business against many other forms of cyber attacks, GTB provides a number of solutions within our suite of CyberSeal Security Services. We will assess, design, install and manage top-of-the-line firewall hardware, as well as, anti-virus software and cloud backup for your data. We offer these Cybersecurity Solutions to businesses in the Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia. GTB also offers a free, no-obligation assessment to see if this solution is right for you. Redeem your free assessment now.


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