What Features to Look for When Buying Business Phones
February 3, 2016
By Heather Gwaltney

Before you select your next office business phone system, it is important to educate your self about hosted PBX and the features that will best serve you. There are new ways to deliver voice calls to and from your office and the services provide many new features to enhance your company productivity.

Hosted PBX is a phone system that is provided to your company as a service. Contrary to a legacy phone system which requires the “brain” (computer) to be located at your office, hosted PBX features a server that is located at the provider main network location (in the cloud) and can service thousands of customers. All hardware and software is maintained by the provider and new call and service features are added frequently. The new system allows your company to enjoy many benefits that did not exist with older systems before, including:

Hosted PBX provides service redundancy

When the power goes out at your location, you can continue communication with your customers, co-workers and vendors. Since the server is not located at your premise, all incoming calls can be forwarded to your voice mail boxes or to numbers outside the office.  In addition, hosted PBX allows your company to use the Internet connection as a backup to process your calls. Failover is seamless and service gets restored automatically once the problem is fixed.  Learn more.

Watch customer videos about hosted PBX.

Accession Mobile

Accession Mobile is a powerful mobile app and the newest addition to GTB’s suite of next generation communication services. The new app resides on your cell phone or mobile device (iPad or Tablet) and provides the following benefits:

If you or your staff needs to speak with your customers remotely, but don’t want the customer to have (or see) your mobile number, Accession displays your office Caller ID as if you are in the office. 

If your staff travels and/or (occasionally) works from home, they still need to be able to communicate with customers and each other.  Accession extends the office desk’s call and service features to your mobile device. You can receive calls intended to your office, check voicemail and originate local and long distance calls as if you are sitting in the office.  Learn more.

See customer case studies on Accession Mobile.

Auto Attendant

Auto Attendant is perfect for your business when the receptionist is away or when you do not have a receptionist at all.  This feature acts as a virtual operator that will direct calls to the appropriate extension and/or announcement. It can route callers to the right extension, provide department information, weather conditions, hours and directions to your location.  Learn more.

Call Center

If your company requires that you monitor staff calls or your calls need to be queued consider Call Center software.  Call Center software can be provided for both small and larger companies, and offers basic features, such as a supervisory dashboard, which shows the calls in a queue and agent activity, and provides detailed statistics and reports.  Additionally, if a supervisor needs to listen to and/or intervene with a customer call, s/he can use features, such as “monitor”, “whisper” and “barge in”.  If the call center is more sophisticated, the software can provide services such as ACD (Automatic Call Center) and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) combined with skilled-based routing.  All features, reports and agent controls are managed by an easy web user interface.  Learn more.


Comportal is a personal web user interface attached to your desktop computer.  The software allows you to check voice mail messages, manage all of your call features, click to dial from your contact list, and review recent calls.

How GTB can help

Whether you are new to GTB or an existing customer of ours, we will visit your office and provide a free assessment of your current phone system to see if the features you’re currently receiving are what you actually need.  We provide all of the features mentioned above, and can bundle them for special pricing.  Because we are local, we configure your system, and provide in-person installation and training, so you don’t have to.  Learn more about the business phone features you can choose from.

Get your free assessment

Click here or call us at 1 (877) CALL-GTB for your free assessment to see which features are right for you.

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