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Services Provided: 
Flex•Point™ (Hosted PBX)
Accession Mobile (Communications App)


Belman Klein Associates is a forty year old wholesale insurance provider headquartered in Columbia, MD with satellite offices throughout different parts of the country.

Service Needs

Belman Klein Associates was preparing to relocate its main office to a new building. Before moving into their new facility, the company created a telecommunications plan.  The requirements of the plan included the installation of a local area network and mandated internet access redundancy to prevent downtime due to any type of service interruption. In addition, the company wanted a phone solution that would eliminate the need to have multiple phone systems and, at the same time, allow all employees, whether they were located at the main office in Columbia, MD or any of their remote offices, to communicate as if they were located in one location. The company was interested in obtaining an uncomplicated system that would also provide an easy management interface to allow modification of user features no matter where they were located.

The Solution

GTB designed and installed a LAN at Belman Klein’s new building and upgraded the main company server to improve their hardware performance. By using a third party internet provider in addition to an “on-net” copper ethernet solution, the company now has a fail-over solution for both voice and data. In addition, voice users in all offices were converted to FlexŸPoint™ (GTB’s Hosted PBX system).

All company employees were assigned local extensions and now are able to communicate between offices without any additional local or long distance calling expense. In addition, all calls and messages coming to one office can now be easily transferred to other locations. The company’s administrators were provided a web-based GUI where user and service features can be modified without the need to call GTB’s customer service.