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Flex•Point™ (Hosted PBX)
Call Center


Since its inception in 1970, the non-profit organization Community Crisis Services, Inc. (CCSI) has become a one-stop calling center for information and compassionate assistance for those in crisis. Calling the Hotline is often the first step an individual makes to access the mental health services and social service organizations within the community. The center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for anyone facing crisis and personal turmoil.

Service Needs

As a critical service provider, CCSI required a full-featured voice solution that could also be easily managed. As a call center, they required a sophisticated, yet flexible call center solution with the ability to identify caller information, call trends, “abandoned calls” data, sophisticated call queuing, and call handling. Additionally, in order to facilitate daily employee shift schedules, the organization required the use of “hot desking” (the ability of two virtual extensions to use one IP phone). Besides their special call center needs, CCSI also required high speed internet access and virtual fax services.

The Solution

GTB provided CCSI with a solution combining the Flex*Point™ Hosted PBX service with the Enterprise Contact Center solution. The organization’s office was equipped with Mitel IP phones and Cisco routers and switches. Using a copper ethernet service, the location was connected to the GTB network, which provides voice termination to the PSTN and high speed internet access. All CCSI staff members were equipped with the Enterprise Contact Center software. All phone and voice features are managed from an easy web interface that can be accessed from any location using internet service. Individual users were also supplied with direct FaXccess (fax-to-email) numbers to allow faxes to appear directly in their email accounts.