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Flex•Point™ (Hosted PBX)
Internet Access
Mobile Communications App


Spector & Kopec, LLC is a law firm that represents persons injured by medical malpractice and most other kinds of personal injury, including nursing home abuse, products liability and premises liability. The firm is located in Baltimore, Maryland and represents persons throughout the State of Maryland and Washington, D.C.

Service Needs

For Spector & Kopec, getting a call can be the difference between gaining or losing a new client.  They were originally introduced to GTB the way many companies are -- through an existing customer referral.  Spector & Kopec came to GTB with three initial needs.  The company required high speed Internet access, flexibility in their communications, so that their staff could work remotely, and a way to automate their Auto Attendant service for clients who called after normal business hours.  The firm also required the ability to communicate from their smart phones as if the call was coming directly from their office.

The Solution

GTB designed and installed our hosted PBX solution, Flex•Point™ at the Spector & Kopec office, which provided them with the higher speed Internet access and an automated communications process. All company employees were personally trained on how to use the phone and system features to enhance their productivity.  The configuration included features such as, Music on Hold, Voicemail to Email, Auto Attendant, Click-to-Dial and Mobile Communications. The new features were bundled in a customized package that also provided local and long distance calling. The hosted solution was provisioned over GTB’s own privately managed network. 

Spector & Kopec staff is now able to work remotely and respond more quickly to the needs of their clients after business hours and while on vacation, as if they are communicating directly from their office. With GTB’s solution, Spector & Kopec has the ability to access their system from anywhere at anytime, and is able to keep their Internet and phone costs virtually the same with upgraded phones, Internet and product features.